Easy bowel movement tracking

The brand new version of Poocount

  • Easy tracking of you bowel movement
  • Blood, Diarrhea and your own parameters
  • Track with help of the Boston Stool Scale
  • Charts to analyze all your data
  • A developer that created this app for his own colon disease

Why a Poocount app?

First, why would anyone want to keep track of his bowel movement?
An increasing number of people has Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn/Colitis ulcerosa). There are lots of indicators of the severity of the illness, one of them being the amount of time you spend on the toilet.
It is really difficult to keep this information in your head. That's when I decided to develop a small app that can help me with this problem and hopefully you too.


You can add your bowel movements with a rating of blood present in your poo.
Optional: You can add notes, for example to indicate that you changed your medication.

Get an overview of your data in the calendar

The list will show you all your entries. Bowel movements as well as notes.

Probably the most interesting screen. A graph showing your bowel movements over a long period of time.

Where do I get it?

Help & contact

It's rather easy to use but if you have questions I'll glady anwser them. Just write me at poocount@tobik.eu or via twitter @poocount

I'm always looking for ways to make Poocount better so don't hesitate to give feedback.